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Lift & Escalator Specification Re-Write Global Hotel Group

Lift Specification WritingThe Lift Consultancy recently undertook a commission to completely re-write the Lift, Escalator and Docking Equipment specification for an international hotel and resort group.

Their previous specification had not been up-dated for several years. It did not reflect the advent of recent technology changes in the industry and did not take into account all current Codes and Standards. That document almost 50 pages long, included a mixture of prescriptive and performance related writing as well as lift and motor room layout drawings.

This hotel group has diversified extensively keeping their luxury 5 and 4 star branded hotels but also adding several other 3 and 4 star brands to the group, general lower rise and often smaller hotels.

The requirements of this diversified range or hotel buildings was quite a challenge and meant the specification was completely re-written, based on International Standards and keeping only what was absolutely necessary to comply with the hotel groups particularly requirements.

The result is a concise, yet comprehensive very workable document covering all their requirements across their range of brands and across global markets from the US, to Europe and onto Asia.

For confidentiality reasons we cannot provide the name of this hotel group although reference contacts for this project can be obtained on request.


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