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Safe Lift Passenger Release Training Course–Blackpool Sixth Form College

Safe lift passenger release training course

The in-house estates team at Blackpool Sixth Form College wanted to have the ability to safely and quickly release passengers trapped in one of their three relatively new lifts.

They were happy with their maintenance company but that lift company had declined to offer training on safe lift passenger release and so the college turned to The Lift Consultancy for their training needs.

The lifts on site were of two different designs, both Motor-room-less, but both with a primary and secondary emergency lift release procedure. Motor-room-less lifts, as opposed to conventional lift with a motor room, have many variations in exactly how trapped passengers are safely released.

The lift consultancy undertook the training in two sessions over a day for the whole of the estates team. The training was fully in accordance with BS7255 Safe Working on Lifts with the Head of Estates later remarking in an email “thanks for the training which we found invaluable”.


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