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Contract Administration

Lift Contract Administration

Lift Contract Administration

For major works, having a lift contract in place ensures you are adequately protected.

With RICS qualified Members we can undertake the role of Contract Administrator working as a key member of the project team. Below is a brief summary of services we provide as contract administrators. 

  • Provide advice on a suitable contract type (MF1, JCT etc.)
  • Agreement of the terms of the contract in liaison with client and other project members.
  • Putting the contract in place and arranging for signing by all necessary parties.

Throughout the project

  • Raise all project contract documentation for change control i.e. Variation Orders/Engineers Instructions etc.
  • Complete periodic valuations in accordance with the contract and issuing of Payment Certificates
  • Provide advice on contract issues

On Completion

  • On completion of the project (project phases), raise Sectional Practical Completion Certificate(s) and Final Certificate of Practical Completion.
  • Liaise with other members of the project team in assistance in agreement of the final account.

With a formal contract in place you can be sure that you are protected and the contract will be administered in a professional manner.

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