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Data Logging lifts

Data Logging lifts

Data Logging LiftsIf you think it would be useful to know precisely how your lifts are performing in terms of their waiting times at each floor (longest and average),  system response time which, is a statistic indicating the time it takes to answer calls e.g. 80% of all calls answered within 30 seconds, 90% within 40 seconds etc. then Data Logging can provide this.

What is the use of having this information?

Well you can then benchmark the traffic handling performance of your lifts against acceptable standards to really understand if your lifts are performing well or poorly.

When is it useful to know this information?

You might be thinking of moving more people in a building and rather than rely on ad-hoc feedback from users, Data Logging can give precise information on the performance before the move and after the move.

´╗┐Data Logging and Traffic Analysis

Or you could include Data Logging with a Traffic Analysis with the former providing you the picture now and the latter giving you predictions on what might be the effect of changing the population of a building. Then, if the prediction is for an unacceptable level of performance, you can consider ways that this can be improved.

Data logging is a surprisingly straightforward exercise that can be done in a relatively short time.  It gives you precise knowledge about how your lifts are performing in terms of established criteria, you can then see if they are performing acceptably or not.

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