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Lift Maintenance Audit

clip_image002· Are the Lift Company carrying out the lift maintenance with sufficient diligence?

· Is there an unusually high break-down rate on your lifts?

· Is the lift performance; noisy operation, levelling accuracy etc. up to scratch?

A Lift Maintenance Audit will answer these questions and more about the quality, or not, of your lift maintenance.

Lifts are complicated pieces of machinery with sophisticated electro-mechanical parts. Good quality, periodic, routine maintenance is essential to ensure they perform well, are reliable and operate safely.

Lifts are costly items, as are repairs/upgrades/modernisation work on them. Poor maintenance can drastically reduce the life of lift components, driving up costs as repairs become more frequent, as well as shortening the life-span till a major upgrade or modernisation is due.

The devil is in the detail

It is often the small things that matter; a build-up of dust and grease on door lock electrical contacts, poorly adjusted door operating mechanisms, insufficient lubrication of pulleys for example. Eventually lack of attention to detail during maintenance results in a decrease in performance and reduced reliability, with the possibility that safety is also compromised.

What is a lift maintenance audit

A lift maintenance audit is a detailed check of all aspects of your lift.

  • We check wear, adjustment, lubrication, levels of repairs/replacement and overall cleanliness.
  • We check operation; light levels, smoothness of lift ride and door operation, floor levelling accuracy, push buttons and indicator functionality and any other special lift features.
  • We also check record keeping; are motor room log cards up to date, are there necessary wiring diagrams and maintenance manuals on site?
  • We discuss the levels of service with the building operators; do the lift company respond promptly, do they deal with the problems effectively once on site?
  • We score each of the areas we look at to give you an overall score of the levels of servicing on your lift which can then be broken down into individual scores in twenty sub-areas of the lift.

How do we report this to you?

All the information from our site survey is presented in a jargon free, concise yet detailed easy to understand report. The report will give you:

  • Detailed asset information.
  • An overall score of the quality of maintenance with detailed scores in 20 sub-areas of the lift
  • A list of maintenance deficiencies – you can then pass on to your service provider to address. NB. Deficiencies are identified as within or outside the scope of the maintenance contract
  • Highlights of any systematic problems along with suggested remedies
  • Photographic and if necessary, video evidence to back up the finding

Our Lift Maintenance Auditors

All or auditors are highly experienced lift consultants, who have worked in the lift industry for many years. They know what to look for, and working on your behalf, will give you an unbiased and clear picture of the state of your lift maintenance.

We simply need to know the location, lift capacity (persons or kg) and the number of floors and we can give you a fee proposal, often instantly, or certainly the same day.

Surveys can usually be arranged quickly with the report issued the next day. For a few hundred pounds per lift, you can be confident that you have a clear picture of the maintenance on your lifts

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