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Lift and Escalator Maintenance Contract Writing

Lift Maintenance Contract Writing

Lift and Escalator Maintenance Contract Writing

A well written maintenance contract allows you comfort in the knowledge that your lift service should perform to meet the requirements of your building.

This usually commences with a survey to understand the state of the equipment in terms of levels of maintenance and repair, Code compliance and condition.

A maintenance contract is then written factoring in all the asset details and taking into account the operating hours of the establishment. For example retails hours are very different from hotel hours and the Contract should reflect this.

The contract includes key performance indicators such as

  • Minimum service hours
  • Times periods during which services can take place
  • Maximum number of breakdowns
  • Response ties to breakdowns and trap-ins (in and out of normal working hours)
  • Percentage hours in-service after breakdowns and service visits should be typically, 97% or higher.

Reasonable penalties should be applicable should any of the KPIs are not met.

As part of the Contract we include

  • A schedule of rates including labour rates, and labour and material on-cost. Knowing this information protects against overcharging for any works outside the scope of the contract.
  • A schedule f costs, for example for H&S items and/or other minor works that may need to be done during  the contract that are outside of the contract.

Writing a bespoke lift and escalator maintenance contract ensures that you get the correct level of service that suits your need.

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