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Lift Survey – Dilapidations Survey lifts

Lift Survey Dilapidations Survey Lifts

Lift Survey – Dilapidations Survey lifts

Property Leases have clauses detailing the state the property should be left in when the tenancy expires and the outgoing tenant usually has obligations to bring the property up to the standard it was when the Lease started.

This is a dilapidations lift survey undertaken on the equipment on behalf of the owner or tenant to assess the state of the equipment against the provisions at termination of the Lease.

We will provide a report detailing areas that need attention and will usually provide a dilapidations schedule identifying work, with budget costs, that needs to done in accordance with the Lease obligations. If necessary we can provide budget costs for expected future work.

Health and safety items are is also identified during the lift survey.

Understanding the cost risk associated with these clauses allows outgoing tenants to be sure their financial obligations are correct. Landlords can be similarly assured that the right costs are being allocated.

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