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Lift Survey – Lift Condition Survey

Lift Survey - Lift Condition Survey

Lift Condition Survey

A lift condition survey will allow you to know the full condition of all aspects of your lift. This allows informed decisions to be made.

If you need to understand the life expectancy of the equipment, want to know how it complies with legislation (H&S and Accessibility), or wish to know the reasons behind poor performance or reliability then a condition survey and report can provide the answers.

Age – Serviceability and Obsolescence

Old equipment is a primary reason behind poor reliability and performance. 50% of lifts in the UK are over 20 years old and obsolescence of components can lead to long, unplanned down time and sudden unexpected expense.

A full Lift Condition Survey will identify

  • How old the equipment is and whether obsolescence really is an issue.
  • The present condition and a realistic assessment of serviceability
  • If modernisation work is required, budget costs for this will be provided.

Health and Safety

Lift owners/operators have responsibilities under primary legislation (H&SAW/LOLER/PUWER) to ensure lifts are safe for passengers and for engineers. A full Lift condition survey report will explain the legal obligations, list any areas of non-compliance and provide budget costs for getting the equipment to comply.

A Typical Report

  • Explanation of Legal Obligations
  • List of H&S deficiencies
  • Full details of all equipment
  • Details of age, serviceability, suitability for use
  • Documentation review
  • Recommendations
  • Budget costs where appropriate
  • Survey Photos

Needing to understand  the condition is usually the primary reason for a survey but H&S, accessibility, levels of maintenance, poor reliability or performance are all areas that can be looked into.

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