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Lift Survey – Maintenance Survey Lifts

Lift Maintenance Survey

Lift Survey – Lift Maintenance Survey

A Lift Maintenance Survey or Audit by our lift consultants gives you a complete picture of the levels of maintenance that are being undertaken on the equipment. It is a detailed inspection covering all visible areas of the lift.

We asses maintenance against the following four areas;

1. House-keeping

This may not seem so significant but a clean pit, car-top and motor-room usually means the service engineer has pride in his work and this is often reflected in other areas of maintenance. More practically clean equipment prevents a build-up of dust and debris on components (electrical contacts for example) or between components (door rollers for example) and this can lead to equipment not functioning optimally which, ultimately leads to poor reliability and performance.

2. Adjustment

Lifts are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts and they need regular adjustment to ensure they run correctly. Over time moving parts go out of adjustment and need to be re-adjusted to ensure the lift runs smoothly.

3. Repairs

Most maintenance contracts cover a level of repairs and replacements, even if they do not, the service provider should be notifying you when repairs are necessary. Broken/damaged lock rollers, worn out electrical contacts, broken indicator bulbs are all quite common and repairs need to be undertaken promptly to prevent unreliability occurring.

4. Lubrication

Lubrication is becoming less of a requirement with some modern equipment that is lubrication free but most lifts still have many parts that need regular lubrication to ensure they run smoothly.


We class each of the above four areas; Excellent (above average), Good (high average), Fair (low average) and Poor (below average) and provide a list of maintenance deficiencies that need to be rectified. If there are systematic problems with any components we will give an explanation behind these problems and offer recommendations as to how they can be resolved.

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