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Lift Survey – Pre-acquisition Survey Lifts

Lift Acquisition Surveys

Pre-acquisition Survey & Report Lifts

A survey to ascertain the state of the equipment in terms of age, wear, suitability for purpose and Code compliance. The report includes confirmation of the condition and serviceability of the lifts.

The report will list any rectification work and provide budget costs where applicable.  Potential purchasers or tenants of buildings can then clearly understand their cost liabilities in terms of the lifts.

When significant costs for the lifts are required, for  upgrades/replacement etc… then this can be used in purchase negotiations.

This survey and report is equally useful for those thinking of entering new fully repairing and insuring Leases on building premises.

Particularly in the case of building acquisitions we understand that time is often of the essence and there is a need to undertake the surveys at very short notice. We can usually undertake surveys within a few days of being given notice if not sooner. We can provide a summary of findings either by email or via telephone literally the moment the survey is complete with a more detailed report to follow.

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