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BREEAM Credits for Lifts and Escalators

BREEAM Credits Lifts and Escalators

BREEAM Credits for Lifts and Escalators

BREEAM Credits are available for the installation of energy efficient lifts and escalators and the following demonstrates compliance:


Credit 1

1. An analysis of transport demand and patterns for the building has been carried out by the design team to determine the optimum number and size of lifts and counterbalancing ratio on the basis of anticipated passenger demand.

2. The energy consumption for at least two types of lift or lift strategy ‘fit for purpose’ has been estimated and the system with the lowest energy consumption specified.

Credit 2 (On fulfilment of credit 1)

Of the following energy efficient features, the three that offer the greatest potential energy savings are specified:

1. The lifts operate in a stand-by mode during off-peak and idle periods. For example the power side of the controller and other auxiliary equipment such as lift car lighting and ventilation fan switch off when the lift is not in motion.

2. Where lift motors use a drive controller capable of variable speed, variable voltage, variable frequency control of the drive motor.

3. The lift has a regenerative unit so that energy generated by the lift (due to running up empty and down full) is returned back to the grid or used elsewhere on site.

4. The lift car uses energy efficient lighting and display lighting (>60 Lumens/Watt or fittings that consume less than 5W e.g. LEDs

BREEAM Escalators

Each escalators or horizontal travelling walkway must comply with either of the following

1. Is fitted with a load sensing device that synchronises motor output to passenger demand through a variable speed drive.


2. Is fitted with a passenger sensing device for automated operation, so the escalator operates in stand-by mode when there is no passenger demand.

How can The Lift Consultancy help?

A Traffic Analysis of the lift service can demonstrate that the optimum number and size of lifts and identify the correct counterbalancing ratio

Correctly specifying the correct type of equipment and that it contains the required features ensures your can gain your BREEAM credits.

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