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Lift Survey

Lift Survey

Lift Survey

Need a lift survey?

A lift survey can tell you just about anything you need to know about your lift.  Whether you want the complete picture or are concerned over a particular area; lift safety, lift regulations, lift refurbishment, lift performance or lift reliability for example, our lift consultants have the experience to help.

There are a number of reasons you may be considering a lift survey and brief summaries of some of these are below. Clicking on the paragraph headers will take you to more details on that particular service.

Lift Safety Survey

Safety is the highest priority both for lift users and for lift engineers and owners/operators of lifts have legal obligations to ensure that lifts are safe.

Our lift consultants will carry out a lift survey identifying any problem areas and the subsequent report will provide recommendations for how the problems can be rectified.

All lift surveys are carried out checking the lift against the appropriate safety Standard/Codes and legal requirements e.g. BS7255, EN81 Part 80, PUWER, LOLER etc..

Lift Performance and Lift Reliability Survey

Poor floor levelling, noise, vibration, harsh stopping are all signs of poor performance and when lifts perform badly, clearly not all is right and poor lift reliability is often the result.

Our lift consultants will complete a lift survey focussed on identifying the causes not just the symptoms of poor reliability.

Lift Maintenance Survey

In general we find the quality of lift maintenance is not what it used to be. It’s a very competitive market and sometimes lift companies win lift maintenance contracts with very low prices. As a consequence, the level of lift maintenance is poor, reflecting the low price of the maintenance contract.

Our lift consultants can carry out lift surveys identifying the level of lift maintenance that is being carried whilst identifying specific lift maintenance deficiencies. A review of the lift maintenance contract can be combined with the lift survey to identify if the maintenance is being completed in accordance with the lift contract.

Lift Regulations Survey

There are legal obligations to be met by lift owners/operators and our lift consultants can complete a lift survey to identify if the lift meets the necessary lift Regulations and lift Standards applicable.

Lift Refurbishment, Modernisation, Upgrade Survey

Often our lift consultants carry out lift surveys to identify the extent of lift refurbishment, lift modernisation or lift upgrade that is required.

If you need a lift survey to identify if your lift needs a lift refurbishment or lift modernisation and if it does providing options and costs, then our lift consultants have the experience to help.

Lift Condition Survey

Knowing the condition of the lift equipment allows informed decisions to be made. If you need to understand the condition and life expectancy of the equipment, a lift condition survey and report can provide the answers.

Pre-acquisition Survey

If you are considering purchasing a building with lift(s) in this survey will give you an overall picture, identify significant areas that may impact on your decision to purchase. We recognise that often time is of the essence and aim to turn around the reports the same or next day after completing the survey.

Dilapidations Survey

This is a dilapidations lift survey undertaken on the equipment on behalf of the owner or tenant to assess the state of the equipment against the provisions at termination of the Lease.

Less Abled Access Survey

The Disability Discrimination Act requires that lifts are accessible to persons with disabilities. Our lift surveys follow the requirements of BS EN81 Par 70, Particular application for passenger and goods passenger lifts – Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability.

If you are considering a survey on your lift(s) for whatever reason our lift consultants are here to help. We can give you a fixed prices as soon as you can give us basic details and for single lifts and single buildings we aim to turn around the survey and report within a few days of an instruction.

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