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Lift Upgrade – Popular Lift Upgrades

Thinking about a Lift Upgrade?

Selective lift upgrades can be a cost effective alternative to an extensive lift refurbishment or a full lift modernisation.

Improved aesthetics, better performance, less breakdowns, increased accessibility and a transformation in performance. There are many benefits that can be had through lift enhancements, small or large.

Our lift consultants have identified the most common lift upgrades.

Disability Discrimination Act Upgrade

If you are in the business of offering products or services directly to the general public then it is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act to ensure those products/services can be accessed by all.

In terms of lifts some of the key features that are needed are:-
-    Floor announcements
-    Tactile and audible push buttons and signals
-    Lift car handrails
-    Accessible intercom
-    Non-contact safety edge on doors
-    Stopping accuracy of +or-10mm.

Other than accurate floor levelling which may require upgrading the lift drive, all the items above can be added in isolation without any other significant changes to the lift.

A brief lift accessibility survey is the first step and will identify exactly what needs to be done with a lift report identifying the necessary work, budget costs time scales.

Health and Safety Lift Upgrade

There is a legal obligation under LOLER? for lift owners/operations to ensure their lifts are safe to use and are safe to work on (for engineers).

Safety standards have improved over the years and with more than half the lifts in the UK over 25 years old, there is often a need to upgrade lift safety.

For passenger of lifts some of the important lift upgrades are
-    Floor levelling accuracy; replace the controller and/or drive.
-    Install a non-contact door safety edge
-    Install an upward uncontrolled movement safety device.

For the safety of engineers there are many small and medium sized upgrades that can be done including
-    Upgrading of shaft and/or motor room lighting
-    Providing and emergency intercom system in the pit and on the car top
-    Provide a car top handrail if large gaps exist down the side of the car

Health and Safety should be at the top of the agenda when it comes to upgrading your lift.

A Health and Safety lift survey can identify exactly what needs doing and a list of works with budget costs is the basis to upgrade your lift whilst prioritising higher risk items.

Aesthetic Upgrade

In the lift car, just about everything is possible from changing wall panels, to replacing the floor of ceiling and lighting. Other added features such as mirrors and handrails can be added and as well as looking good, they have a practical function as well.

On the landings door and architraves can be re-skinned or repainted. If the finishes are quality wooden ones then a good experienced craftsmen can work wonders to enhance the appearance.

Old fashioned or tired looking indicators and buttons can be changed with the added benefit that you can change them for better looking ones and ones that can be used by those with impaired mobility, killing two birds with one stone.

Reliability Lift Upgrade

Depending on the source of most of the reliability on your lift, there are a number of upgrades to consider.

Doors are a common one particularly because statistically door related lift breakdowns amount to around half of all breakdowns on lifts.

The lift doors can be upgraded by replacing the car door operator alone or the car door operator and landing door operating equipment.

Other unreliable components can be selectively replaced such as controllers, shaft switches, push buttons and indicators as well as lift floor selection equipment.

Performance Lift Upgrade

Ride quality including acceleration, deceleration, stopping accuracy can all be improved by changing the control panel and drive.

Door performance can be improved by upgrading the door operator and if needed the landing door operating equipment.

A few words of Advice

1.    Follow the correct British and European Standards (BS 5655 Part 11 & 12 and BS EN81 Part 80) are the main ones.

2.    Particularly with much older equipment compatibility can be an issue matching new with very old components.

3.    Selective upgrades are often not the most economical way to improve older lifts. In the long run the continual selective lift upgrades could cost more than a one off lift replacement or lift modernisation.

4.    Individual lift upgrades only address one area so for example if you upgrade the doors to improve reliability of them, then the lift may still be unreliable due to other factors (controller, signals, push buttons etc.) that have not been upgraded.

5.    If you are considering several upgrades then a more full lift refurbishment or lift modernisation will probably be a better option in terms of both cost and benefits.

How can The Lift Consultancy Help?

Lift upgrades are a very real alternative to full modernisation/refurbishment/replacement. Our lift consultants can give practical, no nonsense advice about the options available to you.

If you get in touch now your call will be routed directly through to one of our lift consultants, and that will be any easy step towards satisfying any concerns you have about upgrading your lift(s).

A survey can help you identify exactly what needs to be done. The Lift Consultancy offer a specialist range of lift surveys, further details can be found by following the links below.

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