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Scenic Lift, Panoramic Lift, Glass Lift – From Standard to Bespoke.

Scenic Lifts

There are 3 broad categories of scenic lift; fully bespoke scenic lift, semi-scenic lift and wall-climber lifts. This article outlines the main features of each, gives an idea of their cost, complexity and their availability in the market in the UK.

Semi-Scenic Lifts

Glass Wall Lift 1 Glass Wall Lift 2 Glass Wall Lift 3

These are lifts with some part of the wall that is glass. They may have glass to one or all walls and half or full height. The significant feature is that not all of the wall panel is in glass, it is always framed. The thickness of the frame typically varies from as small as 20 mm to around 100 mm.The frame  provides the structural strength to the whole panel.

Glass lift doors can also be included.

Semi scenic lifts usually have a lift shaft with one or more walls of that shaft open or in glass.

Semi-scenic lifts are an economical way to have some glass in the lift-car and many manufacturers allow this as an option on their standard range with a relatively low cost premium.

Wall Climber Lifts

The Lift Consultancy- Wall Climber Scenic Lift The Lift Consultancy- Wall Climber Scenic Lift 2 The Lift Consultancy- Wall Climber Scenic Lift 3

These are specifically designed scenic lifts, that run up and down a wall rather in an enclosed lift shaft. They can be internal or external.

Many manufacturers have a range of wall climber lifts. Typically at least the back portion of the lift car (rear portion of both side walls and the rear wall) is mostly in glass.

Generally these are better quality products than semi-scenic lifts and are specifically designed for their purpose.

A good example of wall-climber scenic lifts in a high rise building is in the video below

A Good Example of a Scenic Wall Climber lift. These are Otis Lifts in the US

Bespoke Scenic Lifts

Bespoke Panoromic Lift Scenic Lift 1 Scenic Lift Apple Store London

Only limited to the designer’s imagination or architects vision?

Well, of course there are safety standards to follow but many things are achievable. These lifts are one-off design, definitely not from a standard range.

But be wary as costs can literally go through the roof.

How can The Lift Consultancy?

Our lift consultants have a great deal of experience of what is on offer in the market.

We offer a consultancy service to architects and designers and can help at every stage of your project from early concept design, through detailed design to contractor selection to commissioning on site.

Bespoke Scenic Lifts – A Unique Design

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