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For passengers trapped in a lift it can be a distressing experience. If their release takes too long and some passengers have particular conditionsread more

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· Are the Lift Company carrying out the lift maintenance with sufficient diligence? · Is…read more

CAD Lift Drawing Services The Lift Consultancy can produce generic drawings for your project. The…read more

Data Logging lifts If you think it would be useful to know precisely how your…read more

Pre-acquisition Survey & Report Lifts A survey to ascertain the state of the equipment in…read more

Lift Survey – Dilapidations Survey lifts Property Leases have clauses detailing the state the property…read more

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Tender Lift Maintenance Contract This starts with a thorough survey of the equipment to find…read more

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Reliability Lift Survey Are you experiencing unacceptably high levels of unreliability with lifts regularly out…read more

Lift Feasibility Study A Lift Feasibility Study is an evaluation to determine the viability of…read more

Lift Survey – Modernisation Refurbishment Survey Lifts Our lift consultants have a great deal of…read more

Lift Survey – Lift Maintenance Survey A Lift Maintenance Survey or Audit by our lift…read more

Health and Safety Survey Lifts Lift owners/operators have responsibilities under primary legislation (Health and Safety…read more

Lift Project Cost Consultancy The key to effective cost management is to enable clients’ requirements…read more

Lift Contract Administration For major works, having a lift contract in place ensures you are…read more

Lift Survey – Lift Regulations Survey The service is very useful if you do not…read more

Lift Modernisation or Refurbishment Consultancy. A service for those who know they need to modernise…read more

Lift Condition Survey A lift condition survey will allow you to know the full condition…read more

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